Getting Started with Talkatone

Welcome to Talkatone!

Talkatone turns your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android into a true Internet phone. It uses any data connection, WiFi or 3G/4G. You’ll be able to have high-quality phone calls even when cell phone reception is spotty and won’t use up any of your minutes. Download Talkatone if you haven't yet and we'll show you the full power of your iOS or Android device. Talkatone for Android

Welcome to Talkatone

When you launch the Talkatone app the first time you'll be presented with two login options - Facebook and Google.

If you want to text with Facebook friends or give them a call login with Facebook. Talkatone will pull your friends and sync them with a local address book.

If you want to call and text your Google buddies you may login with Google. You may also make absolutely FREE phone calls and send texts in US and Canada.

Note: Free calls to phone numbers are available for Google users in U.S. and Canada only. You may need to activate free Google Voice account to use this feature.

Sign In with Google account

When you choose to login with Google account you'll be prompted for username and password.

Talkatone doesn't require a special account. Instead it uses Google account to connect to Google services. Make sure you have it or create one for free at

Connect with Facebook

When you choose to login with Facebook you'll be directed to Facebook app for Single-Sign-On (SSO). If you are already signed into the Facebook iOS app on your device you do not have to even type a username and password. It's that easy.

Note: Facebook recommends that users update to the latest Facebook Application whenever possible.


Once you successfully sign into your Google and/or Facebook account(s), Talkatone fetches your friends. It also loads contacts from your local address book and merges them with a friend list, thus forming a unified address book on your device.

Double-tap on Contacts icon to see all Contact groups. Tap on any of them to see the list of contacts/friends.

This is just the beginning. Learn how to call real phone numbers.

How to call real phone numbers in US and Canada

Talkatone can be used to make and receive calls to and from regular phone numbers using Google Voice. To provide such functionality Talkatone is relying on GMail call forwarding. Read how to setup Google Voice and Google Talk services.

Note: Google Voice is available for US- and Canada-based customers only. Incoming calls do not work for Canada-based customers.

Go to Google Voice settings

First, visit the Google Web Voice site at Login to Google Voice using your Google credentials. If you are new to Google Voice you need to setup an account and get a phone number, check Getting Started Guide if needed.

To setup call forwarding click on Settings menu link and select Voice Settings option:

Note: If you already make a call from GMail you might need to upgrade your account.

Upgrade Google Voice account
Forward your calls to Google Chat

Second, make sure the 'Forwards to Google chat' option is checked on the Voice Setting web page. The email address in option should match email address you used to Sign In w/Google account when you launched Talkatone.

Your Google Voice phone number is right above forwarding options. You'll be using this phone number to make calls and will be receiving calls to this phone number in Talkatone.

Note: If you do not want your Google Voice calls being forwarded to your phone number uncheck forwarding to your phone number.

Make a test call from GMail

Third, open web browser and visit the Google Mail Web site at Login to GMail using your Google credentials.

Find your contact list and click on the Call Phone action at the lower left section of the page. Make one call the phone widget in GMail to your regular phone number.


Come back to Talkatone and tap the keypad icon. Type any phone number within the US/Canada and tap on Call button to make a free call. Call will be placed using your 3G or WiFi connection.

Note: You also can initiate calls from Contacts, Recents and Favorites. Simply select a contact from Local Address Book or Gmail friends list.

Go to next step to learn how to navigate through the app, make and receive calls, send text messages.

Navigate through Talkatone

Talkatone looks like a normal phone application. If you use standard iPhone Phone app you already know what Contacts, Favorites, Recents and Keypad screens are for and won't need to change your habits.

There are certain elements which you may find useful. Among them are ability to see multiple contact lists as one, Online tabs, landscape mode and ability to send texts from the Keypad.

Contacts page

Start with Contacts screen. You'll find your friends and contacts from your local address book. Many friend icons on the left side also contain current status. You may choose to display Online friends only.

Note: There are multiple settings to control how the look of your Contact list. Ex: they can be sorted alphabetically (default) or by groups. Check Settings->Contacts List for settings.

Keypad a.k.a dialpad

Keypad a.k.a. Dialpad allows you to dial any regular phone number. All calls and texts will be placed via your 3G or WiFi connection. Your cellular minutes won't be used and you won't be charged for SMSs.

Note: You need to setup your Google services in order to dial regular phone numbers. Google Voice is available for US- and Canada-based customers only. Incoming calls do not work for Canada-based customers.

Tap to Return to Call

Whenever you have a call you can also check your contacts, send a text message or share a picture.

In order to come back to an active call screen tap on the top red bar.

Landscape mode

Turn your phone right or left and Talkatone will switch to landscape mode. Most of the screens support it.

Start using Talkatone with making calls over data connection. Learn how to call your friends or regular phone numbers.

Make calls over 3G or WiFi connection

Talkatone supports 3 types of calls:

- Facebook-based Talkatone-to-Talkatone calls,

- GTalk-based Talkatone-to-Talkatone or Talkatone-to-Mac/PC calls,

- Google Voice-based calls, i.e. calls to regular telephone numbers.

Facebook and GTalk calls are always free, even international, although data charges may still apply. You and your friends can talk for hours and you won't pay a dime. Share Talkatone with your friends.

Google Voice calls are free to US and Canada destinations, to check international rates go to Google Voice International Rates. Data charges may still apply.

Note: We are working on adding more calling channels in a near future.

Select a contact

Whenever you want to make a call, being it Facebook-based call or a call to a regular phone number you may go to Contacts screen. Select a contact from Local Address Book or a friends list. You may find search bar and letter index useful.

Note: You also may select a contact from your Favorites or Recents just like you normally do in your native Phone app. Or you may initiate a call to a regular phone number from Keypad.

Select calling option

When you tap on a contact new screen will be opened - Contact Info. Tap on Facebook ID, GTalk ID or phone number. Alternatively you may tap on Call button, check for calling options and choose how you want to make your call.

Note: you can edit contact details and add phone numbers for multiple calling options.

Make a call using 3G or WiFi

Upon selection of a calling option call will be placed using your 3G or WiFi connection. Destination, call duration and type of network will be displayed on top.

You can mute the call, switch to keypad, turn on speaker phone, share your current location, put call on hold or access your contacts list.

Note: Talkatone is not a replacement for your regular phone and cannot be used for emergency calling.

Talkatone also can receive calls over 3G or WiFi connection. Check the next step to learn how regular phone or GTalk calls delivered to your mobile device.

Receive Calls using your 3G or WiFi connection

Talkatone is able to receive calls instantaneously even when the app is not active. It uses backgrounding mode introduced in iOS 4, thus Talkatone is not compatible with certain older devices.

If you want to receive calls and text messages while keeping app in background you need to have a multitasking-capable device. Currently the following devices support multitasking - iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3gen/4gen, iPad.

Note: Talkatone does not work on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2gen.

Incoming call popup iOS 4

When one makes a call to your Facebook ID, Google email address or Google Voice phone number Talkatone will display an incoming call notification popup. This popup displays type of a call, contact's name if recognized or a phone number.

Note: On iOS 5 devices incoming call notification is displayed in Notification center.

Note: Talkatone should be running in background in order to receive call notifications.

Incoming call notification iOS 5
Tap answer button

Whenever you receive a notification you have two options - Answer the call or Close notification popup. Tap the Answer button and start talking over 3G or WiFi connection.

If you choose to Close notification popup call will be terminated.

On iOS 5 devices you need to tap on Notification in order to Answer the call.

You may receive a notification while your phone is locked. Slide to the right like you normally do with regular calls.

Incoming call notification locked phone
Share location with friend

Upon answering the call Talkatone live call screen will be opened. You have a regular set of buttons - mute, keypad, speaker, hold and contacts.

In addition there is a location button which can be used to share your current location with other party.

Check the next step to learn how to send text messages for free using Talkatone.

Send Text Messages

Sending text messages is as easy as making calls. You can text your Facebook and GTalk friends anytime anywhere. If you are in US you can send and receive SMS messages to and from regular phone numbers.

Note: Talkatone does not provide SMS messaging to regular phone numbers if you are outside of US.

Select a contact

Similar to making calls you start with your a list of your contacts. Tap on a contact name.

You may check your Recents or Favorites screen(s) and start text messaging from there.

If you tap on Online button you will see who of your friends are currently online with Facebook or GTalk.

Text Message Button

When Contact Info screen is open, tap on Text Message Button. Check for texting options and choose how you want to send your message. Alternatively, you may tap on Facebook ID, GTalk ID or phone number.

Messages screen will be opened and you'll be able to type and send your messages.

Messages screen

Messages screen displays full thread of text messages with your friend. Type your text message at the bottom and tap on Send button. You can call your friend anytime, just tap on a blue Phone icon.

Note: Scroll to the top of the screen to find additional actions such as Send Location or Delete History. You may also invite your friend to Talkatone if they don't have it yet.

With Talkatone your real-time communications can be more than just calls and text messages. Learn about share your pictures with your friends.

Share Pictures

Picture sharing a.k.a. MMS is a very popular way to send media content from mobile device to friends and loved ones. You may share pictures with other Talkatone users and regular phone numbers. You may receive pictures from other Talkatone users. If you friends do not have Talkatone yet invite them and you will be able to share pictures.

Share Pictures on Messaging

You may share picture while texting. Tap on a camera icon to select existing or take a new picture.

Take new or select existing picture

In the menu you may choose existing picture/photo or take a new one with your device's camera.

Sending picture

The picture you've chosen will be displayed instead of a camera button. Type your text message at the bottom and tap Send button.

Your friends who also use Talkatone will receive a picture right away. If you share a picture with friends who don't have Talkatone yet, they will receive a link to you picture as part of your message.

Talkatone maintains history of all of your activities, both incoming and outgoing. Next step will show how you can use Recent Activities

Recent Activities

Recents page displays history of all of your activities, both incoming and outgoing. You can choose to see All, Missed or Messages only. In all cases you can clear all recent events stored locally on your device.

Note: Clearing your local history does not clear Google Voice history stored on Google servers.


Tap on Recents button in the bottom menu. Recents badge displays amount of missed unchecked events if there are any.

Select one of the tabs All, Missed or Messages. When you tap on a contact name the most recent activity will be performed. Tap on Detail Disclosure Button (blue circle with chevron) to see contact details.

Recent contact details

Contact details screen displays history of all events for selected contact. Incoming, outgoing calls and messages are separated into groups.

Clear history

Tap on Clear button to delete all recent events.

Note: Only application history will be deleted, you may need to delete Google Voice and Google Talk history separately.

Talkatone supports Favorite contacts. Check next step to see how you can create a list of frequently called and messaged contacts.

Favorite Contacts

Talkatone allows you to create and maintain list of contacts you frequently call or text with. This list is called Favorites. You can add any type of contacts to Favorites list, being it Facebook or GTalk friend, or a contact from your local address book.

With Favorites you can quickly find/tap the name of the person you want to call or message, and choose action on contact details screen.

Add favorite contact

Whenever you open a contact you can see Favorite button. Tap on it to add selected contact to Favorites list.

Favorites list

Tap on Favorites button at the bottom left. Select All or Online tab. All displays all contacts you added to favorites list, while Online displays currently online contacts.

Note: If you need to search among favorite contacts scroll to the top and use standard search bar.

Favorite contact details

Select your favorite contact and have an option to call, send a text message or share current location.

Note: You can also edit contact details, tap on Edit button at the top right.

You've learned how to use Talkatone to make and receive calls, send text messages and share pictures. Next step will show you can control your Talkatone through Settings.

Account Settings

Talkatone supports multiple accounts, you have control over your status and status messages.

Account settings

Tap on Settings icon and scroll to Accounts section to find your accounts. Select an account you want to modify.

Google Account Settings

With Google account you have an ability to set your status and change your status message. If you want to logout from Google simply set your status to Offline. If you want to change your status message tap on Message field and type a new text on the Status Message screen.

If you are in U.S. you may choose to disable incoming SMS messages. Turn Receive SMS toggle to OFF and you won't receive a single SMS to this account until you enable it.

With Facebook account you have an ability to set your status to Online, Offline or Away. You may also Sign Out from Facebook completely.

You may also set your status for all account at once. Select "Status for All Accounts" option on Settings screen to set your status to Online, Offline or Away.

Facebook Account Settings

Talkatone provides several Network Preferences to control Call Quality and improve Battery Life.

Network Preferences

When you install Talkatone on your iOS device it comes with default settings. Default Talkatone performs great in most cases. But sometimes you may need to tweak a thing or two to improve it. You have an ability to control audio compression and improve battery life of your device.

Audio compression for calls to regular phone numbers using your Google Voice account significantly improves audio quality over "noisy" networks, such as 3G and certain WiFi networks with high levels of interference. In addition to audio improvements compression also dramatically reduces network bandwidth needed for calls. In most cases the weakest point of a mobile-to-mobile communication is the last few yards – a connection from your mobile device to a WiFi router or to a 3G provider.

Audio Compression

When audio compression is enabled Talkatone sends encoded voice traffic to Talkatone servers where voice data packets get transcoded (converted) into uncompressed audio compatible with Google Voice and passed to recipient. By default audio compression is enabled for 3G calls and disabled for WiFi calls. You may want to play with it and then turn it off at any time.

3G: The best way to get "steady" audio is "Standard Quality" compression even if you have Talkatone Premium and can enable "High Quality".

Advanced Call Quality Settings

If you have a need to send DTMF signal as audio you may toggle the "DTMF as Audio" setting to ON.

If your WiFi router supports Quality of Service for VoIP (QoS) you may toggle the QoS setting to ON.

Next step will show you how to tweak Talkatone app.

Application Preferences

Talkatone gives you ability to personalize notification settings, ringtones and texting font. Set wallpapers for Call Screen, Texting, Contacts, Favorities and Recents. You can tune contact list, change sorting mode and enable/disable section index.

Notification Settings

You may choose to personalize incoming and outgoing sounds, tweak how local notifications are displayed, set volume for dialtones and even amplify the sound volume if needed.

Go to Settings->Notifications and Sounds to find these settings.

Google Voice

If you are a Google Voice user you'll find Google Voice Settings useful. Go to Settings->Google Voice to see your Phone Number, set or change your Home Country and Area Code. You can also enable or disable Google ListenIn feature.

Contact List

By default Talkatone displays your Contact List the same way native Phone app does. You may change it to your liking.

Go to Settings->Contact List to find settings to enable/disable Section Index, Search bar and All/Online buttons at the top.

List Sorting section allows you to choose the sorting mode and bold the sort field.

The Address Book section has options to control visual presentation - remove contact duplicates and merge contacts with the same name.

Favorites List Settings give you almost the same tweaking power as Contact List settings. You my show or hide Section Index, search Field, All/Online buttons as well as choose sorting mode.

Texting Settings

Messages screen can be tweaked to you taste.

Go to Settings->Texting to set font face and size.

You may also choose to enable emotions and smileys will be converted into icons. If you want to enable/disable autocorrect, add a second Send button, close keyboard after you tap on Return button and always display Camera button there are options you can set.

You may also change your text signature and enable build-in image editor.


If you like to set wallpapers for texting, call or contacts screen go to Settings->Wallpapers. Talkatone comes with 26 different wallpapers which you can use to add a character to Texting, Call, Favorites, Recents and Contacts screens.


With all those settings for calls, texts and contact lists there is always room for more.

Check Settings->Miscellaneous for fine-grain tuning of Talkatone.

You may tweak how Recents work, set default behavior for call and text actions.

There are several supported screen orientations for Talkatone screens.

You may even enable/disable Safari-style window animation.


If you are wondering what Talkatone Premium is check the next section.

Talkatone Premium

Talkatone Premium features are provided to enhance the user experience and give professional users an ability to use multiple Google Voice accounts in one application.

Talkatone Premium

Talkatone is ad-supported application, the ad banners are normally displayed at the bottom of every screen, except the call screen. If you don't want to see ad banners go to Settings->Hide Ads to disable them for a small fee.

Talkatone Premium Services are targeted for professional users and include:
• Support for multiple Google accounts
• Per-contact personalization
• High quality voice compression
• Ad-free
• Priority Customer Service

Multiple Google accounts give people to have multiple phone lines, thus Talkatone Premium allows prefessional users to have multiline phone.

Per-contact personalization gives users an ability to select wallpapers and ringtones (from standard Talkatone media sets) for individual contacts.

High quality voice compression provides HD audio quality for voice calls.

Priority Customer Service guarantees response from support agents within 24 hours.

Many of Talkatone users have the app installed on multiple iOS devices. Talkatone respect premium purchases on all of them. You may reclaim purchases by tapping on Reclaim Subscription button.


Start using Talkatone. Make calls, send text messages, share pictures with your friends. Do contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

Start using Talkatone

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