Stop paying for minutes.

Free talk and text to most U.S. phone numbers, from mobile phones to landlines, without spending a single penny. There are no overages either, and unlike Skype or WhatsApp, the people you talk to won’t have to install an app to receive your call.

No coverage? No problem.

If you’re tired of your calls not going through because of bad coverage, then Talkatone’s WiFi calling app can help. Connect to a WiFi hotspot and make crisp calls to the people who matter when it matters.

Unlimited free texting app.

The Talkatone unlimited free texting app will let you message with most U.S. phone numbers. You won’t have to convince your friends and family to download a new app or buy the same phone as you, like with WhatsApp or iMessage. Text who you want for free.

Forget the roaming charges.

Traveling abroad and need to call home? Avoid the expensive roaming charges with Talkatone. You’ll be able to call or text all your loved ones for free with your number. No need to sign up for an international plan, getting a new SIM card or rack up hundreds in roaming charges.

Burn your number.

Protecting your privacy online is paramount. Your phone number can get into the wrong hands, a scary experience for anyone. With Talkatone, you can protect yourself by burning your number and getting a new one – for free, instantly.

Unlimited picture and GIF messaging. Plus a built-in photo editor.

Send all the picture messages you need with Talkatone. You’ll even be able to crop them before you send them right in the app. Even better, use the built-in GIF library to always send the perfect reaction.

Free calling beyond a smartphone.

You don’t need a smartphone to get free calling or to your loved ones. The Talkatone free talk and texting app can be used on iPads, iPods and Android tablets, turning them into phones that’ll keep you connected.

Talk and texting application user-interface.


Get the app.

Download the Talkatone Free Calling and texting App! Time to use Talkatone.

Talkatone is the best option to call and text for free to and from most US and Canadian phone numbers. By contrast, Skype, Viber and Facetime are only free if the recipient has also already installed the app. Download the app on App Store or Google play.

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