Get ready for a post-vaccination vacation with a free calling app

By Diane Balogh|Thursday September 9, 2021

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? If you’re like me, you’re itching to make up for last year’s canceled travel plans. So, before heading out on your adventure, take a few minutes to explore the benefits of Talkatone, a free calling app.

How does Talkatone work?

Talkatone is a calling app that uses the internet, so you can make calls and send texts from your devices that are connected to the internet. If you use Talkatone on your cell phone, the Talkatone app won’t use any of your minutes in your cell phone plan’s data allowance. This is important even if you have an unlimited data plan because most plans will slow down your speed after you use up a certain number of minutes. And nobody likes a slow connection, especially during a vacation. Using a calling app also means you can avoid roaming charges that can rack up when you’re in an area that is out of your service provider’s network.

Will Talkatone only work on a smartphone?

No, the Talkatone free talk and texting app also works on iPads, iPods and Android tablets.

Can you call any phone number?

With Talkatone, you can call most U.S. phone numbers even if you’re calling from outside the country. It doesn’t matter if the phone is a landline or a mobile phone. The beauty of Talkatone is that there are no surprises or hidden charges.

Do you have to install the Talkatone app on your device?

You have to download and install the Talkatone app, but the people you talk or text with don’t have to. However, you may want to encourage those you call to sign up for Talkatone because you can make and receive unlimited calls and texts with other Talkatone users. This is a good perk if you want to talk or text someone who is not on Talkatone’s wide network.

Can you change your phone number?

Definitely. You can toss out your Talkatone phone number anytime and get a new one. This is handy when traveling. For example, you can share a temporary phone number to make dinner reservations, connect with new friends to meet later or manage a short-term rental. But keep in mind that once you toss a number, it’s gone forever.

Will you be traveling outside of the U.S.?

No need to research international calling plans or get a new SIM card for your cell phone if you only want to make calls back to the U.S. Just download Talkatone and use it wherever you can access the internet. You can even use a Wi-Fi connection in your hotel lobby or a local restaurant if you don’t want to pay for internet service in your room. If you are in another country and want to make local calls, you’ll be charged a per-minute international rate, which varies depending on the country you’re calling. This is the same rate you’d pay if you were back in the U.S. calling that country because the rate is based on your phone number, not your phone’s location at the time of the call.

Want to call numbers outside the U.S.?

Talkatone calls from the U.S. to another country are inexpensive. You will be charged a per-minute rate depending on the country and type of phone you call. See Talkatone per-minute calling rates. You can pay for these calls through credits or you can purchase a Talkatone Calling Subscription to make 1,000 minutes of calls to select countries for $12.99 a month. See included countries.

Will you be charged for calls coming from other countries?

You are never charged for incoming calls to your Talkatone number. Feel free to answer any call you receive. It makes no difference if the call is made from Canberra, Australia, or Cairo, Egypt — it won’t cost you a cent.

How do you get Talkatone?

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the free app. Create your new Talkatone account with your email address, phone number, Facebook account or Google account. You’ll get a verification code to enter in the app. Select your Talkatone phone number and start calling and texting. Bon voyage!


Get the app.

Download the Talkatone Free Calling and texting App! Time to use Talkatone.

Talkatone is the best option to call and text for free to and from most US and Canadian phone numbers. By contrast, Skype, Viber and Facetime are only free if the recipient has also already installed the app. Download the app on App Store or Google play.

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